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Welcome to The Digestible Deming, a series of short, inspirational posts designed to make the core philosophy and methods of Dr. W.E. Demingthe man who taught the post-war Japanese about quality, more accessible to modern audiences with the aim to encourage thinking and asking questions about everyday life that are often unchallenged and taken for granted. Using excerpts drawn from his books, writing, seminars, and speeches, along with a cartoon or illustration, I will reveal a world that has been hidden under the one pulled over your eyes since you were very young.

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Our motto: Per discere, nova intelligre: Through learning, to understand new things. Learn to improve your business or any organization through excerpts and discussion that focus on the essentials of Dr. W.E. Deming's philosophy.


Christopher R Chapman

Toronto-based owner of Derailleur Consulting, Inc. (Est. 2011). I help orgs improve their quality through application of lean, agile, and systems thinking. You can find me on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisrchapman/.